We suggest to our customers that action plays an important role in entrepreneurship and based on the action theory we provide a useful starting point for deriving principles and training manuals to promote entrepreneurship. Research knowledge showed that entrepreneurship can be successfully promoted when training is based on evidence-based knowledge. We help our customers in recognizing the right opportunity in the market through entrepreneurial training. r. The idea is an entrepreneurial opportunity if is feasible, has desirability and aligned with the needs of the market. When entrepreneur trying to exploit the market, he has an idea but with full of uncertainties. There are two kinds of uncertainties while recognizing the opportunity: uncertainty over the accurate information and uncertainty about perceived feasibility and desirability of the idea. The major objective of entrepreneurship process is to minimize these uncertainties both in form of accuracy and information by taking effective action. The real spirit of the opportunity recognition is to understand the needs and wants of the customer in form of demand. We help our customers through training to overcome the uncertainties related to their business idea and to recognize the right opportunity in the market.


We provide training on

  • entrepreneurial opportunity recognition to identify new profitable idea for the business by the entrepreneur
  • Opportunity evaluation training to minimizes the risk to the business.
  • Training on market knowledge and new product development
  • Training on writing effective ┬ábusiness plans
  • Training on entrepreneurial idea generation
  • Personal development training