We help customers by providing the evidence-based knowledge on decision making in the market by applying the different concepts which help our customers to take effective financial decisions. An awareness of the actions and behaviours of entrepreneurs is critical to understanding an entrepreneurial economy. Entrepreneurial scholars advanced our understanding of the entrepreneurial process by describing two distinct approaches to new venture creation: causation and effectuation. While causation is consistent with planned strategy approaches, including such activities as opportunity recognition and business plan development. Effectuate processes are consistent with emergent strategy and include a selection of alternatives based on loss affordability, flexibility, and experimentation.


  • Creating effectual and causal logic to create the opportunity in the market
  • An awareness of the actions and behaviours necessary for financial decision making
  • Calculating the affordable loss for the customers for future investments
  • Flexible decision making for choosing the right investment in the market
  • ¬†Evidence-based experimentation in the market to minimize the risk and maximize the profit.